Šibenik with Islands

Excursion explained

Fish picnic excursion includes visiting the islands of the Šibenik archipelago, Zlarin and Prvić, and The Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik. Our first stop is at the island of Zlarin, where guests in their free time can visit the Regional Museum of the island of Zlarin, coral souvenir shop, explore the island, swim, etc. After our visit to the island of Zlarin, lunch is served on board.

The next destination is the island of Prvić, with two small towns (Šepurine and Luka) which are a 10-minute walk away from each other. Guests will have free time for sightseeing, swimming, etc.

We recommend a visit to the Memorial Centre Faust Vrančić in Prvić Luka. Faust was a scientist and inventor, author of many lexicographical, philosophical and poetic works, and the museum guests have the opportunity to learn more about his life and work. The museum, among other things, is a collection of models of his inventions, and the most important and famous one is the model of the so-called Homo Volans – flying man.

Next destination is the city of Šibenik, that appears as a film location in three episodes of the fifth season of the serial Game of Thrones.

The Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik is one of the most significant and most beautiful architectural achievements in Croatia and was included on the UNESCO Cultural World Heritage List in 2000, and yes it was also one of Game of Thrones locations.

The Cathedral is also known for its iconographic innovations, among which a special place is occupied by sculptures of 71 heads on the outside part of the shrine.

Šibenik was mentioned for the first time on Christmas in 1066 in a document issued by the King Petar Krešimir IV, therefore also called the Krešimir town. It was founded by Croats over a thousand years ago, making it the oldest native Croatian town on the Adriatic.

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