Story About Jastog Boat and his Captain

Šime Perkov is the owner of a business MCML Perkov and the boat Jastog (Lobster). As the youngest shipbuilder in Croatia, he started a complete overhaul of the boat Jastog in the year 2009. Boat’s length is 19 m, width 5 m, while its capacity is 120 passengers. Šime Perkov restored this boat to its full length and capacity all by himself, which proves his working experience and ship reparation skills. He gained his experience while working at a shipyard Stipaničev in Tribunj, as well as during his time spent working and assisting on excursion boats.

During summer months in MCML Perkov we are organizing daily boat excursions, and for the rest of the year we are providing services of maintenance of ships and yachts.

The history of the boat Jastog is quite interesting as well. Namely, the boat came to Croatia from Italy back in 1947. At that time it was an Italian boat caught and confiscated by the Croatian maritime police while fishing in Croatian territory. According to the available data, the ship was built in 1825, place of construction is unknown, but it is known that during the Second World War it was used for transporting prisoners.

When the boat arrived to Croatia, at first it was owned by RIBA RIJEKA, then in 1986 it was bought by Mr. Zeljko Baric, a fisherman by profession.
In the year 1975 first reconstruction of the boat was made, and in 1989 the engine was changed – 420 hp Fiat. When the former owner of the boat, Mr. Zeljko Baric fell ill, the boat was just sitting in the port in Rijeka until family Perkov decided to buy it in March 2009.

Complete renovation of the boat was made at the shipyard in Sovlje. After 435 days of work, the boat was launched to the sea, after which it needed another 140 days of extra work. All in all, the boat was extended for 4 meters, and almost completely amended (approximately 90% of the boat). The name of the boat was “Baptism” and it was held at the end of July 2012.